Immerse yourself in the world of coffee, one cup at a time!

BeCoffee was founded in 2009 thanks to Christian Bond’s undeniable passion for high-end coffee. His love for coffee incited him to become more and more interested in the science behind the impact a cup can have on the taste and aroma of different coffees. After seven years at the helm of BeCoffee, he decided to embark on another project and passed on the torch to his friends Karine Lesage and Jonathan Parent — partners in both business and life.

Becoffee owners

Karine and Jonathan are experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in developing digital solutions. Both are coffee aficionados and called local coffee shops their second homes. They revamped BeCoffee’s mission, positioning strategy, product lines and image. Their ultimate goal? To become the Canadian leader in quality products for people looking to enjoy coffee in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way.

BeCoffee distinguishes itself from other suppliers thanks to its exclusive, high-end products and accessories that it carefully selects from partners located around the world. BeCoffee’s products meet the needs of professionals and third wave coffee loves. Karine and Jonathan believe that only exceptional products can truly honor coffee’s distinct flavours and aromas. Brewing and enjoying coffee should be akin to a comforting ritual based on science.

Democratizing the coffee experience

BeCoffee’s mission guides the company’s new owners in everything that they do: democratizing, supporting and enhancing the experience for coffee lovers everywhere with extraordinary products.

BeCoffee’s product offering and customer service are based on three essential values:

· Quality
· Environmental responsibility
· A human approach to ecommerce

While the third wave coffee trend is starting in Québec, BeCoffee also aims at demystifying the world of coffee for consumers so that they can recognize and appreciated different roasting methods—much like how oenophiles appreciate different types of wine. Apart from coffee’s inherent properties as a stimulant and health benefits, consumers can discover what it is like to enjoy quality coffee, different brewing techniques, and specific characteristics of various types of coffees. Karine and Jonathan hope to open the gateway to products that are renowned for their quality and how they affect a specialized coffee’s flavour.

At the forefront of the reusable coffee cup revolution

rCUP- Reusable coffee cup - Travel Mug -BeCoffee

BeCoffee celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. Since its very beginnings, the company has always been ahead of the curve in offering reusable coffee cups. After introducing KeepCup in Canada, BeCoffee was always on the lookout for a spill-proof coffee. In 2017, BeCoffee introduce the Frank Green reusable cups for the first time in Canada, travel mug that can be used for coffee, tea or any other warm beverages. In 2019, looking for a reusable coffee cup that was also made more with eco-friendly production, BeCoffee falls in love with rCUp from Ashortwalk - The world’s first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups. 


The development and expansion of reusable products

As the largest importer of Inker porcelain coffee cups, which are renowned for their durability and commercial-grade quality, and the distributor of rCUPs reusable coffee cups, which aim to reduce the use of paper cups, BeCoffee also now offers its very own products so that coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of joe in a more environmentally friendly way. In fall 2018, the company launched its reusable organic cotton coffee filters that are made in Québec. BeCoffee’s products are increasingly being offered and used in coffee shops and restaurants throughout Canada. The company recently doubled the surface area of its warehouse in Québec City.

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