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1852 Espresso


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This blend is composed of a Brazilian coffee (Daterra) and a Colombian (Asopalmares). With its more intense roasting, he reveals flavours of dark chocolate and molasses. He is perfect for a latte in the morning or an espresso with character. The Cooperative Asopalmares is composed of 13 farmers living in the city of Viota (Curndinamarca) in Colombia. Fazenda Daterra is located in the city of Patrocinio (Cerrado). 

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Round
Origin : Brazil / Colombia
Varietal: Castillo/Bourbon, Red and Yellow
Process: Washed, Pulped Natural
Altitude 1600m/950m 

Regular priced coffee are sell inside 4 to 5 weeks of their roasting date to ensure quality.