Classic Milk Pitcher for latte art - 12 oz


Every cappuccino is made with passion! For the cappuccino and macchiato enthusiast who realizes a beverage at a time, the narrow shape of the pouring spout of this pitcher is essential to the success of its lattes arts. Measurements etched right into the interior of both sides of the pitcher. The scale is engraved in both ounces and milliliters to reduce preparation work when pouring milk and reduce waste.

The 12 oz Rhino Coffee Gear Classic Milk Pitchers is made with food grade stainless steel provides better stretch time for texturing milk. 

The spout designed for optimum control in pouring latte art.
The handle has been ergonomically designed for the busy barista.

A nice drawing of fact not faith of the quality of a coffee, but confessed that it is charming!

More technical information

  • Height: 3.55 ". / 9.5 cm
  • Spout: 3.15 ". / 8 cm
  • Base: 2.76 ". / 7.5 cm

Recommended thermometer length: 5".
Stainless steel, commercial quality.