100% Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filter - Made in Quebec

100% Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filter - Made in Quebec

October 24, 2019

For a eco-friendlier cup of coffee!  Designed and made in Québec

Brewing more eco-friendly coffee doesn’t stop at buying fair-trade coffee. Did you know there are other ways to enjoying a “greener” cup of coffee? BeCoffee is pleased to announce that we’ve created a series of reusable coffee filters to drastically reduce waste from traditional coffee filters. These cotton coffee filters are available in both #4 and V60 sizes and Basket

We created these reusable coffee filters in cooperation with artisans in Québec. They are an ecological alternative to coffee filters you have to throw out in the trash. Made from 100% organic cotton and organic thread, our coffee filters can be washed after each use and do not alter the taste of your coffee. Double-ply cotton also means that you don’t have to alter your brewing times and ensures that no residues or oils end up in your cup. The BeCoffee reusable coffee filter is faithful to the infusion time required according to good practices. We can see depend to the roasting a variation +/- 1 of the setting of the usual grind.

Why cotton coffee filters make sense


Organic cotton is often used to make products that require easy maintenance and minimum contamination. Oftentimes, organic cotton is used for cleaning cloths, especially because the material is natural and does not keep odors.


  • Rinse the filter with boiling hot water before use.
  • Place the filter in your coffee machine’s basket and add freshly ground coffee in the filter. Enjoy your coffee!
  • Get rid of the used coffee grounds; ideally, put them in your composting bin. Rinse the filter with hot water.
  • Hang to dry until your next cup of coffee!

Caring for your organic coffee filter


If you forget your organic coffee filter for a few hours in your coffee machine, we recommend that you clean it thoroughly. 

The colour and odor of your organic coffee filter is a good gauge as to when you should clean it. We suggest washing it once a week. All you have to do is soak it in a container with boiling water in order to eliminate residue and oils.

For a more thorough cleaning, add baking soda to the boiling hot water. Let it soak 10 minutes. Rinse completely before drying.

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